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John has been buying and selling property for nearly 20 years. His interest in real estate started well before that. He began inspecting property with his father who worked as a real estate principal and selling agent.


John’s experience in property purchases includes houses and apartments, owner occupied and investments. He also has experience in the complexities of various structures such as tenants in common and joint tenants. These purchases include inner city, waterfront, regional and interstate.


Throughout these purchases John became aware of the pitfalls of purchasing and owning real estate. The distinct lack of advice and guidance available to the buyer was also apparent. Importantly, almost all of those that did offer advice were not acting independently or exclusive to the buyer.


John founded the East 153 Property Buyer’s Agency to ensure independent advice was available to the buyer, without bias towards a third party. His passion is finding the perfect property at the right price while representing those buying their new home or the ideal investment.


East153 is based in Paddington, Brisbane. Our agency services Brisbane property and its surrounds as well as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. This is all encompassed within the 153rd meridian.

John Rowell

Buyers Agent

We have just one interest, yours