Property Buyers Agent - Brisbane & Sunshine Coast | Services
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Value to you

Save time

Save money

Know the value of what you are buying

Know the area in which you are buying

Secure a property that best suits you, your family and your lifestyle

How we do it

We facilitate the entire process

Our buying strategy and expert negotiation will save you money

Local knowledge and experience

Access to our strong and broad industry network

We have your best interests in mind


We offer three core services to ensure that we secure the best property for you, at the best price.

  • Search to Settlement
    • The search to settlement service is best for you if you are time poor, have limited experience in purchasing property or do not have in-depth knowledge of the local area.
    • This service guides you through the entire process up to and including settlement. The process includes current market analysis, property searches, inspections, property analysis, the East 153 buying strategy, property appraisal and valuation, contract preparation, contract submission, negotiation and the facilitation of property conveyancing and settlement.

  • Due Diligence and Negotiation
    • You find the property and we’ll take care of the rest. This includes all due diligence, strategy, contract submission and negotiation.
    • This service includes the implementation of the East 153 buying strategy, property inspections, appraisal and valuation, contract preparation, contract submission and negotiation of your selected property.

  • Auctioneering and Negotiation
    • You find the property and we will ensure that you are set for success come auction day. This includes contract preparation, bidding, and post auction negotiation.
    • Our auction representation ensures that our clients execute the optimal buying strategy at auction. Through this service we bid on behalf of our clients utilising our tried and tested auction tactics.

Contact us for further information and fees